Trading Terms

Payment and delivery

The material used for production are purchased with tax included, and therefore the price of the products is calculated with it. Prices are final, but at special orders, or orders goods which are not currently available, price may vary according to the actual cost of the materials needed for its production.

If you are interested in any our item or information, use the e-mail contact. Products can be ordered via e-shop (! Currently under construction !) or directly after agreement by e-mail or in person. You can pay PayPal transfer, cash during personal selling, or transfer to Slovak bank account (account number will be sent).

Our products are also available in the retail store of affiliated Czech Lolita brand Porcelain Doll in price equivalent in Czech Crowns. You can watch the list of available products in the retail store on this site.

All products can be picked up personally after agreement, once if you are from Bratislava or Svidník, or as long as our brand will be selling with booth at some events. In this case, we can take your goods there and can be handed personally (the information about participation in events will be send). If you have a different proposal, write us and we can discuss.

We are shipping from Slovakia worldwide usually by Slovak Post services. Prices for postage are determined by the currently valid price lists of Slovak post on the day of ordering, and the same rate of another currency than EUR (such as USD, CZK) are determined according to the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Slovakia (or Paypal exchange rate if payed through Paypal). All shipments to Slovakia and worldwide are sent by Registered mail (1st class shipping also available if agreed).

Actual shipping price list:

Shipping Registered mail up to 1 kg – € 2.05 (delivery not later than the third working day after dispatch)
Shipping 1st class up to 1 kg – € 2.15 (delivery not later than the second working day after dispatch)
For larger orders once the price is calculated by weight, can vary between EUR 2 and more.

Czech Republic
Shipping Registered mail up to 1 kg – € 6.80
Shipping 1st class up to 1 kg – € 8.10
Delivery time depends on the company that officially sends shipments in the Czech Republic further and therefore the delivery time may vary. For faster delivery is possible to use the first class. Shipment costs are the same based on the weight of the goods and packaging, thus depends on the size of the order.

European countries
Shipping Registered mail up to 1 kg – € 8.20
Shipping 1st class up to 1 kg – € 8.80
Data on weight, price and delivery deadline are similar to those listed in the Czech Republic.

Rest of the world
Shipping Registered mail up to 1 kg – € 13.80
Shipping 1st class up to 1 kg – € 15.80
Data on weight, price and delivery deadline are similar to those listed in the Czech Republic.


All goods are made by hand, used material is specified for each product, but despite our efforts to avoid any errors that might occur, no one is perfect. Therefore, it may happen that the customer will not be satisfied with final product or material used.

According to Slovak law, the consumer is entitled to return product without stating any reason within 14 working days of its receipt. In case you are not satisfied with the goods, you can send it back, the money will be fully refunded including postage paid. Products cannot be visibly worn or otherwise damaged in case it was not a manufacturing defect. Postage for sending the goods back, however, has to be paid by the customer.

If you want to apply the warranty, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you the address where you can send the product back. After receiving the item, refund will be transferred to your account.

In case you are still interested in the same or other goods from our catalog, it is in our full interest to meet your demands on a possible replacement. If it is in our power, we can fix defective goods, if you provide us with the reason for your dissatisfaction. We believe the happiness for our customers can be found in mutual agreement and we will try the best to make you happy.