This category includes skirts made ​​as separate items, however for full overview we also presents here those that are parts of collections as well.

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Collection of accessories including headbands and bows, headdresses, neck accessories - chokers, wristcuffs and decorated knee socks. You will find here separate pieces, but also the content of the collections, or special orders as well.

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Collections of skirts and accessories with similar theme or color look.

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In category Others we include rare pieces that were not originally for Special Order or part of any Collection. There are not many and created rather piece by piece.

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Special Orders

Lorinoko in addition to production of garments and accessories under its own brand focuses also on special orders, therefore slowly updated models belonging to the brand itself. Ordered products may not specifically related to Lolita fashion. In this section you will find samples of models and products Lorinoko especially tailored for specific customers.

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