Dryas Nyx

Dryas Nyx: Hikari (Collection)

Dryas Nyx, or in other words "Night of the Faries" is a skirt made from beautiful printed cotton fabric portraying faries at the night. It is combined with the second beautiful printed fabric of starry night. The skirt is decorated with wide cotton lace and frill bottom is scalloped by fine cotton madeira in white and baby-blue - this is why it is called Hikari - the version of the light. Waistband is elastic, so it will fit to all types of figures. As an accessory it has included a headbow with doubled ribbon, which is very styled like the skirt itself. Let yourself be taken away by magical night of dancing faries ^_^

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Dryas Nyx: Hikari – Cuffs (Collection)

Rich ornamented cuffs, made from wide cotton lace and madeira scalloped by embroidery in baby blue. They're just suitable accessory for bright version of Dryas Nyx collection. Doubled baby blue ribbon and hand-made floral application are giving its innocent yet elegant image.

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Dryas Nyx: Hikari – Handbag (Collection)

Almost unthinkable accessory for treasure up your little things, without those you can't imagine to spend a day. Very suitable and not too large handbag, which resemblance is matching with skirt from collection Dryas Nyx - Hikari version. It's made from the same material as skirt itself, even lace and madeira decorations. Hand-made floral application is inspired by cuffs from the same collection.

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Dryas Nyx: Yami (Collection)

Skirt of Dryas Nyx collection, this time in dark - yami version. It fits to dark blue and black combinations of lolita style, or darker substyles as gothic. The pattern is similar as her brighter sister - Hikari. Waistband is also elastic. Due high demands, it's possible to the next skirt would be made with slightly other patern of bottom lace.

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