Archidealisa I - headdress

Headdress in burgundy and black combination with suited print for skirt Archidealisa I. It is richly decorated with rayon laces and satin ribbons.

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Black Wine Almondica Headdress (Collection)

Headdress designed specifically to Black Wine Almondica collection brings together a combination of the original basis of patchwork print and decoration from black lace and satin ribbons.

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Black Rose Headdress (Collection)

Wide headdress from the Black Rose collection in full black. It is decorated with black lace and satin ribbons as well as two handmade ribbon and flower applications.

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Strawberry Snow Headdress

Decorated headdress in red-white combination. Its color concept gives the feeling of sweet strawberries with creamy snow cover on the top. It can be used in combinations with vivid looking red dresses or separated parts of garments from Sweet Lolita or fresh summer Country Lolita, eventually with lolita cosplay version of Riding Red Hood ^_^

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Pink Ice Headdress

Snow white headdress made ​​of cotton with pink lace and satin ribbons, beautified with small applications and floral ornaments on the sides. With the pink-white combinations of clothing as hair accessory it certainly fits wherever you prefer any style.

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