Special Orders

Lorinoko, besides production of its own brand goods, is also attending in making specific orders. That’s the main reason, why brand’s own new goods are growing so leisurely. Ordered models don’t have to be in specific connection with Lolita fashion, but naturally we prefer orders in Lolita fashion styles. However customer’s demands are first-rated.

In this section you can find demonstrations of models and goods, which Lorinoko is not selling as its own brand, but which were made as special customer’s requests. Shown examples are not for sale, rather as demonstration what kind of goods can Lorinoko offer to you. Yet if you have an interest in specific clothing or accessory, there is possibility to make an arrangement of special order just for you! ^_^

With each item there wasn’t available the best condition of photo-documentation, for this reason we appologize for the less qualitative sources. The goods itselfs in this category are certainly the same quality as those which are presented by Lorinoko brand itself.

Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay Headband (Special)

Headband with bows on sides for cosplay of Haruhi Suzumiya from anime of the same name. Special order.

6 Photos

Black choker (Special)

Black choker from cotton madeira and satin ribbon.

7 Photos

Mini Violet Romancia Black (Special)

Smaller version of headband ribbon Violet Romancia Black as a special order.

3 Photos

White Pink Choker (Special)

Beautiful choker in combination of white an pink. Made as gift specially for bride on her big day.

9 Photos

White & Flower – Aristo One Piece (Special)

One Piece in white and floral colors, decorated by various laces, rich frills, ribbons and bows in red wine color. Special order for Aura.

4 Photos

Black & White Headdress (Special)

Classic headdress in combination of black and white laces and ribbons. For Broža.

2 Photos

Black Bloomers (Special)

Black bloomers made of fine black material, richly decorated with black lace, and lower waist as special order for Ayumi.

2 Photos

Black Flower Choker (Special)

Black choker made ​​of simple black satin ribbon and cotton lace. It Is decorated with handmade flower application.

7 Photos

Black Wine Choker (Special)

Wine red and black choker, decorated in the same combinations. Made and given as a gift at special occasion of the official opening of retail shop Porcelain Doll.

7 Photos

Blue Navy Elegant Set (Special)

Elegant and lovely looking set of woman's jacket and skirt in navy blue and snowy white colors. The jacket is without lining, however it is richly decorated with lace, especially on collar parts and front flaps. Also on the back components and cuffs on the sleeves as well. Pleated skirt has bottom frilled and decorated with double lace. The skirt has a fixed waist and zip with button. Includes attachable bow with ribbon perfectly matched with rest of the set. Special order for Nezumi.

9 Photos

Hakama + kosode – Kenshin cosplay (Special)

Cosplay specifically for Ichigo. Hakama and kosode of burgundy and gray combinations of famous character of wandering samurai Rurouni Kenshin.

6 Photos

Headband Black-White (Special)

Headband in black and white colors and double layer for Iwka.

2 Photos

Headband With Ribbon (Special)

Simple headband from black ribbon and white cotton lace for Broža.

2 Photos

Brown Lolita Skirt (Special)

Simple brown Lolita skirt made for special order decorated with white lace and ribbon, with frill at the bottom. Waistband is elastic adjustable.

3 Photos

Kimono Dress Set (Special)

The combination of dress consisting of elongated kimono top with collar from brocade hem, long red bottom skirt and brocade belt with binding through D-shaped eyelets. Special order for Yuyu.

6 Photos

Ruby Red Skirt (Special)

Deep red circular skirt with a huge fall and frill at the bottom. With the right petticoat creates a truly impressive volume. It also includes a simple big bow.

5 Photos

Black Skirt (Special)

Black skirt with double frill, inspired from a pattern of magazine Gosurori, specially tailored for Nataly. As one from the first products doesn't have photos of highest quality photos.

3 Photos