Two new skirts

Two new additions in skirt category has been introduced on Fashion show at Animefest 2015 in Brno. Skirts are made from beautiful prints with tiny fairies in pink and deep-blue tones. Both of them have decorational waist ties on back. They’re suitable for walks in flowery garden or just sitting under the coming nightfall.

     P1040384     P1040520

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New accessories – combs

New section of hair accessories is available – various hair combs. You had the chance to see them on Animefest 2015 in Brno and they’re available in Porcelain Doll retail store.


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Few photos from Animefest 2015!

We bring you few photos from Animefest 2015, on which Lorinoko has been participating in sales booth with Porcelain Doll. You can find more photos from whole section Craft Alley on standalone FB profile. Photos of all new products are coming soon.

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Added albums of products

We added few albums of older and newer Lorinoko products. Some of them were able to be seen on Animefest 2015. Photos from AF2015 coming soon.

P1030465 P1030470


P1020659 P1020673

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Lorinoko and Porcelain Doll on Animefest 2015!

This year as well Lorinoko will participate on festival Animefest 2015 in Brno together with Porcelain Doll brand. We prepared many new accessories and they’ll be ready for you just right then. Also you will see something from our new skirt collections with beautiful prints and some others surprises as well. Be sure to take a look in the section of Fashion corner, where you will find us together with many selling booths and amazing lolita program. We are looking forward to meet you on May 1st-3rd in Brno!


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Skirt RedLake Night and other accessories

There’s been some time from last Christmas meet-up in Olomouc and Lorinoko delivered last pieces of our items to Porcelain Doll’s retail store. The RedLake Night skirt has been even the part of the fashion show on this meet-up.

From accessories there’s a series of Oldschool Classic headbands (1, 2, 3) and two new pieces – White Romantica Headband and Ornamentic Black Headband I. We brought you the albums of Lorinoko products at least now, even they’re are already in sale.

P1030339 P1030443_2

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Lucky Packs in PD retail store

One of our affiliated Czech Lolita brands – Porcelain Doll has theirs first Lucky Packs available, which contains the goods from brand Lorinoko as well. For very good prices you can become an owner of clothing and accessories, which are usually double-priced, however you cannot be sure in advance what exactly you will get. As the packs with clothes are almost sold out, LP with accessories are still available. You can purchase them on Porcelain Doll‘s web pages.


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The last albums of chokers

Large collection of chokers which is already running sale in retail store of Porcelain Doll in Olomouc. They were also available on Nipponfest / Hangukon in Bratislava this November. From new addition we mention two special pieces with velvet ribbons Black Velvet Cross and Black Jade Snowflakes.

001_P1030210 001_P1030195

From older pieces there is a collection of five black chokers – Black Butterfly Choker, and collection of three white ones – White Silver Choker.


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Merry Christmas and PF 2015!


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Cuffs Soft Kuroi in PD retail store

The black elegant wrist-cuffs are made from half-transparent black organza, satin ribbons and triple pattern laces – all in black as well. Available in Porcelain Doll retail store in Olomouc.


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